Need Quick Results in Google? Try it .

Achieve Quick Results on Google

Blank ? Where to start with SEO ??

When starting any project from scratch people generally are blank with no ideas where to start the things and what points are in consideration one should take to follow the right path.  However, from our past experiences we have made some observation to achieve quick results on Google , yahoo, bing and other search engines quickly.

Quickly – does not mean in a day or 2 – it means a minimum of 3 months time frame is required to achieve rankings on search engines.  Hope, that does not disappoints you but that is the minimum time frame one should consider to achieve realistic results. Now, lets move on to the real stuff and have a look at the below points which we generally take in consideration before building any website :

  • Design Analysis :   The very first step is the Design of your website. We personally believe that giving a complete thought to the design is necessary in terms of SEO. Most of us starts a website or web project with having a vision to have good look and feel of the site. But what we realized is – it not only about good look and feel but it also matters a lot how we set the content on our pages. While designing the things one must ask yourself or your designer – get involved with the team and try to question it yourself have I tried all the best ideas to layout all the content on the design.  It is necessary to cut down the areas of your web page (lets assume Home Page) of your website. Make sure we try to display the maximum content( by stuffing good amount of keywords) in minimum space and put our message across to the end users.
  • Navigation: We consider it as the major component of SEO. Navigation through out the website in such a way that it should actually connect your each and every page to each other by any means. For e.g.  if I am visiting a page which contains countries information and that page contains the links to the next page of their regions and vice-versa . I hope that makes sense . It provides user friendliness and once can move back and forth easily. Also, this provides positive points to On Page optimization for SEO as well. This way actually the interlinking is achieved for on-page optimization.  A very nice example of it can be found here on and . Once you click any of the country at the bottom of it let’s say portugal you will find they have interlinked it to further to the next level to the locations and the links from the bread crumbs and footer  sent them back to the previous page. So, i think it’s a good example of interlinking.  It passes a Juice among the pages to come on top rankings.
  • HTML Mark Up:  Now, as our design and navigation is finalized now its the time to move to next step i.e HTML Markup. While creating HTML mark up one must consider using the proper hierarchy of Header tags(header > Sub-header > Sub-Sub-header), use proper name for CSS classes and also try to make sure create not more than 3 CSS classes. for Page Optimization purposes. Also Avoid using inline CSS – Search engines do not find it very SEO friendly. Make sure your mark up looks clean with proper comments in it.
  • Jquery and Javascripts :  As, now a days Jquery and Js files are the major components to make the web pages looks more attractive so its hard to avoid these major components while considering an optimized page. However, it is recommended that we should avoid using alot of inline scripts in our code and prefer to use external script files. We should not use more than 7 JS file on Landing pages however, the less it is the good it will be to get the Landing Page loaded quickly and avoid any conflicts.  We must apply the min versions of the Js, Jquery and CSS files to avoid extra loads on the pages.
  • Image Captions and ALT Tags : we must provide relevant alt tags and image captions that will actually tell the search engines what the image is all about and what content that image actually holds. So, this will help search engines to identify images of your site and also the content and the keywords – the millions of users searching on Google and other search engines.
  • Title Tags :  We carefully need to choose the title of the pages. We would recommend to have each and every page a unique Title tag and should be relevant to the content of the page. The more it will be relevant the more it will pass juice to your Google rankings of that specific page.
  • Meta Tags: These Tags play an important role to tell the Google and other search engines that what this page’s content is all about what kind of stuff this page actually contains and for which keyword your page should bring up on Search engine rankings. So you can define proper Meta Content and Description tags that should actually tells the search engines about your page content and what your page is all about and relevant to.

There are  a lot more tactics we want to share with you but currently running out of time and need to leave now. Please keep posting your views and stay tuned for next blog post where we will mention rest of SEO best techniques.


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3 comments on “Need Quick Results in Google? Try it .
  1. […] As we mentioned in our last post we will be following up with the next post containing next set of techniques to achieve good […]

  2. Gurpreet says:


    Thanks for sharing such information very helpful for a new person to start a new website. specially design analysis and validation part is informative for me. I have taken care the Title tags and Meta tags when I have stated
    I will analyse all the mentioned points again to apply on website.

    Keep posting ..

  3. irelandmortgage says:

    you are welcome #Gurpreet !!

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