How Google works after Hummingbird Upgrade – X-Observations

Starting with the word “Humming Bird” – yes we all know its a bird and Google’s had given this name to its new algorithm. Lets talk a bit more about humming then we will talk about its affects on Google search. As per Google definition Hummingbird suggests “Precise and Fast” – that is what they suggest about their algorithm . Who does not want the results to be short and precise and to the point even more meaningful based upon the provided search criteria. As per  the Internet resources , this is one of the huge and major update that Google has done. If we talk about as per them They have just started to develop it.

I agree with them up to some extent.  Before Google was only a search engine and advertisement platform with a little power to the site owners  for achieving organic results. These things are still there but now it is more than 10 times powerful than before. It started to understand human nature and reacting according to it and facilitating results accordingly.  There is no doubt they have provided the power to site owners as well . I am going to share few insights which I had noticed while trying to understand the Google new searching criteria. Lets have a look at the below points one by one :

Please Note : All the searched below performed by using Google Mic Search i.e where exactly Humming Bird  feature is implemented. Lets see how it affects

1. Let’s suppose I am searching for  Portugal (I spoke Portugal) . Please see attached what I got back from Google

Searching for Portugal

I seared for Portugal by speaking the Keyword Portugal using Google’s Speak now function (using my Mic) to test Humming Bird Algorithm

2. Now its going to be interesting in this step. In the next search followed by the above one I searched for the keyword “Visit its Cities” . Surprisingly rather than taking “its” as a Keyword It understand that I am still talking about Portugal and see what results I got . Have a look yourself :

Search for "Visit its Cities" - means Portugal Citites

Following the Portugal keyword search, tried the keyword “Visit its Cities” and received cities of Portugal in return.

3. Now this time I searched for the keyword “Any Popular attractions” – wow, it understood I am still connected to Portugal . Reason for saying wow is to see how far google with nested queries and most importantly it is not just taking the above phrase as a mere Keyword but also interacting with me and responding to me. Sometimes A Lady from Google speaks as well – it happened on the first Surely, that was an automated message .

Attractions of Portugal

Any Popular attractions (Attractions of Portugal) – I searched it by speaking on Google Mic and it recognizes that I am looking for attractions in Portugal only

4. I tested to the next level and thought should look for some apartments there and see what I found  below – yes its Apartments in Portugal . Its still connected. Isn’t seems like we are talking to some one and its giving us the right answers.

Apartments to Rent in Portugal

Searched for Any Apartments to rent and yes Google displayed me Apartments to rent in Portugal

I think I have made myself clear what humming bird is all about and how it is working. There must be some more hidden functions. Oh yes there is something else I just found and gonna try more examples. Check this out :

Calculations made Easy by google

Convert bytes into Kilo bytes and Google Lady Speaks out wow..So easy

I will try more on this and keep researching on this and see how many hidden functions are there.  With Humming Bird Google has rewritten the complete system or might be its good to say that they have written the existing system with some new interactive functions as the basic SEO is always going to be there from where it was originated. But yes, it will affect search queries , keywords because when we speak Phrases can be different than we write something .  However, all worked well for me but yes I think Voice accent is a consideration as well for one to get perfect in searching things via voice on Google.

Hope you Like this observation and share with others as well.  I will keep searching for more .


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