How X – Observation Works

Observing Business Domains and Reusing the Experience in an Efficient way

Observations and then multiply to different business domains

It is very simple the way we work. We make observations of everything but we are specifically interested in observing different business domains, different ways of working styles, it could be nature of the person, Renting a holiday home, observing a software or could be Google, Bing or Yahoo, Observing recipes, Restaurants, Different culture of Food .  We know it does not seems to be simple now as stated above but why it is simple ? – its because we observer the real time scenarios.

Now, you might be thinking what is the benefit of observing such things. We believe that every futile thing has a meaning and if its observed minutely.  It could be of use might not be for us but for others who are in the need of it  or It could be for us as well who knows the future.

So, every bit of knowledge is always a plus.  Let us give you a small example.  Sometime we all come across such things which might not interest us but still just for the sake of sitting idle we gather a bit of information about that uninteresting thing like for example sitting in your home sitting on your sofa bed and watching TV – the most interesting program of yours but some one came into the house let’s say DAD – he changes the channel and start listening to NEWS but its not your interest and half heatedly you listen to that news but somehow remember the name of the Person who was appearing in the NEWS – lets suppose he is some  big Celebrity but you did not care on that moment.

The next day sitting around friends somebody asks you hey you want to earn some Bucks – if you write me 100 lines of essay regarding that Celebrity whom you  heard on the Television half halfheartedly. suddenly the twist starts here you actually do not know about that Celebrity but you remember few lines about that Celebrity and started the conversation at your own with a confidence – yeah I can write I know he is bla bla and done this and that – This is all that Single Line that gave you the confidence to take the LEAD and move to the next step. Now your interest is MONEY not that NEWS or Celebrity.

So, we as X-observations try to observe things , businesses , systems and much more to organize ourselves in a much better way , you can say we try to observer things around us whether its over the Internet or off the Internet. This will help us in providing suggestions by using our past observations.

On the Whole, We do X number of Observations that’s why we named it as X-observations.  We are here to gain and share knowledge to make others observations stronger as well as ours. So folks, keep Gaining and Sharing knowledge with us.




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